A Revolution in Pain Management

Our proprietary system, Axon, employs electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback and combines miniaturised technology, Cloud-based AI and a consumer-friendly app to enable patients to treat Chronic Pain at home or in the clinic. Axon works by monitoring brain activity and then helping the patient retrain their brain to interpret nerve signals in a different way.

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Common Pain Issues & Stroke Rehabilitation

There are many different types of common pain issues that the Axon system can help with. We are even looking at how it can be used in the recovery and rehabilitation from a stroke. Click below to find out more about the many common pain issues and how the Axon system can help. 

Smart Science, Real Results

Exsurgo has completed three clinic trials to date focused on reducing Chronic Pain and associated Mental Health Conditions. Some 94% of trial participants responded to treatment with 80% experiencing a reduction in their Pain and 65% experiencing improvements in Mental Health and Sleep.

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