Christine Ozolins

Chief Science Officer

Neurofeedback offers people the opportunity to do what they didn’t know they could do – optimise their brain activity to create a new experience, a new reality, and a new future for themselves.

Christine Ozolins

Christine believes we are only just beginning to understand the amazing power and adaptability of the human brain. A Psychologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist specialising in neuroimaging and brain modulation techniques, Christine has conducted academic research into the effects of neurofeedback on creativity, attention, memory and perception.  She has also worked on research projects and clinical trials involving learning, memory, attention and dementia, involving paediatric, geriatric and clinical populations.

Christine first encountered neurofeedback in 2015 in London where she was inspired by how neurofeedback could combine behavioural psychology with neuroscientific principles to help people self-regulate their brain activity.

Since joining Exsurgo in 2019, Christine designed and ran the UK proof of concept study during the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting participants throughout the trial. Christine is overseeing several upcoming trials, including the world’s largest clinical trial of Electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback for chronic pain, and studies using the Axon system to treat anxiety, trauma and the detection, prediction and treatment of concussion.