Faisal Almesfer

Chief Technology Officer

“At Exsurgo, we focus on patient-centric design and AI to enhance the overall quality of human life. Through the use of advanced neural interfaces, backed by science and clinical trials, our goal is to make neurotechnology easily accessible to the masses suffering from chronic pain.”

Faisal Almesfer

Faisal has a passionate belief that the more computers can interface with humans, the more they can help humanity. Since 2007, Faisal has been closely involved in the development of robotic rehabilitation devices and more recently brain/computer interfaces. He spent ten years as a Robotics Engineer, primarily responsible for the movement and human interaction aspects of robotic devices, including a lower limb exoskeleton at Rex Bionics.

Faisal cofounded Exsurgo with Richard Little in 2015 where they set out to develop affordable and accessible medical devices harnessing a range of sciences, including Electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback technology. His role as Chief Technology Officer sees him lead a passionate multidisciplinary team to deliver Exsurgo’s Flagship product Axon. Faisal’s team focuses on human centred design that ensures clinicians and patients have the best experience possible.

As Exsurgo enters multiple clinical trials to further evaluate the efficacy of Axon, Faisal continues to explore the use of AI and machine learning to understand and optimise neurological treatments.

Faisal has a Masters in Mechatronics Engineering from Auckland University and completed his thesis on a home use robotic rehabilitation device.