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That’s So Chronic: Spotlight on Exsurgo

Exsurgo co-founder and CEO Richard Little made a guest appearance on That’s So Chronic. In this episode, Richard speaks with host Jess Brien about what inspired him to begin Exsurgo, his definit…


July 26, 2022

Richard Little speaks with Dominic Bowden at Today FM’s WellBeings show

Richard Little speaks with Dominic Bowden at Today FM’s WellBeings show…


May 24, 2022

Headset games target brain and pain

This article first appeared in NZ Doctor.  A New Zealand health IT company has come up with a device to harness brain data and help people manage chronic pain. The Axon headset with its brain/ co…


May 3, 2022

Christine Ozolins on how to use neuroscience to improve your knowledge, skills and creativity

Christine Ozolins, Chief Science Officer at Exsurgo, recently featured on the My Home Vitality podcast to discuss how neuroscience can help improve our knowledge, skills and creativity.  Christin…


October 29, 2021

Using neurofeedback technology for treating chronic pain with Richard Little – Pushing the Limits podcast with Lisa Tamati

Exsurgo co-founder and chief executive Richard Little recently featured on Lisa Tamati’s Pushing The Limits podcast, to discuss chronic pain and the effects it has on your mental and emotiona…


September 28, 2021

Richard Little on neurofeedback for chronic pain – Restoring Innate Health podcast with Doctor Aaron Tressler

Exsurgo co-founder and chief executive Richard Little made a guest appearance on Doctor Aaron Tressler’s podcast, Restoring Innate Health.  On this episode, Richard discusses the power off…