Exsurgo announces John Emson as new CFO

John Emson - Web image

Exsurgo has appointed experienced financial executive John Emson as its first Chief Financial Officer.

Emson, who has spent over 30 years in finance and M&A across the technology, manufacturing, health and education sectors, has been working closely with Exsurgo co-founder Richard Little as an advisor to the company since last year.

Exsurgo is developing technologies to support a wide range of neurologically-related treatments and services that leverage an AI-enabled, cloud-based data analytics platform.

The company’s immediate focus is on a range of services involving EEG (short for Electroencephalography) Neurofeedback, a long-established, non-invasive, drug-free therapy for a wide range of neurological conditions including chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects one in five people around the world and is a massive burden on healthcare systems and economies.

Exusurgo founders are award-winning bioengineering and clinical specialists with experience in the development, validation and commercialisation of medical devices and services.

In his new CFO role, Emson’s focus will be on ensuring Exsurgo has the operational and financial systems to handle its anticipated rapid growth, including compliance with regulatory obligations in a range of key overseas target markets.

Emson has an MBA from the University of Birmingham and moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2015.

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