Exsurgo’s Mindpower Newsletter – August 2022


Hi all

Medication, physical therapy and surgery are common treatments for pain – but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Last week, we asked those following our social media for their go-to coping strategy for managing chronic pain. We received an influx of comments from around the world, which reminded us of the enduring burden of chronic pain and why Exsurgo exists.

The feedback reinforced that for many chronic pain sufferers, they simply use tools at their disposal to get through the day – whether it’s keeping busy, using hot water bottles, getting a good amount of sleep or spending time with loved ones. We hope that our miniaturized EEG neurofeedback headset will soon become a new tool in the toolkit for millions of everyday people living with ongoing pain.

As part of this journey, I’ve been in the United Kingdom visiting Exsurgo’s clinical advisors and pain specialists who are an important part of our UK setup. It was humbling to meet two patients who’ve significantly reduced their pain medication following the use of our Axon headset. I will also be visiting stakeholders in Abu Dhabi and Dubai this week. It’s been a very exciting trip and great to be able to ramp up the activity in the Northern Hemisphere.

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