Exsurgo’s Mindpower Newsletter – May 2022


Hi all,

Last month, we had the immense pleasure of speaking with a few chronic pain sufferers who recently completed our AUT/WDHB trial. They shared their long-time struggle dealing with various forms of chronic pain and how using the Axon headset helped get them back to doing what they love most. 

The theme of struggling as a chronic pain sufferer is common across so many of our 100+ trialists, and we look forward to sharing more stories of major improvements when the clinical trial concludes. 

I also recently spoke live on air with TodayFM’s Dominic Bowden about what inspired the creation of the Exsurgo business and how our Axon headset leverages the power of smart technology and data to help ease pain and suffering for the hundreds of thousands of Kiwi adults affected by chronic pain. 

Finally, the NZ Herald’s new series In Her Head is a captivating look into how our healthcare system often fails women struggling to be heard when it comes to their chronic pain. In today’s newsletter, you can read more about how gender impacts the experiences of chronic pain.

Wishing everyone good health as we head into the cooler months.


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