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Richard Little tells the Exsurgo story on the Roll with the Punches podcast

Exsurgo co-founder and chief executive Richard Little made a guest appearance on Tiffanee Cook’s podcast, Roll with the Punches. In the episode, he provided a rundown of Exsurgo’s Axon te…


August 10, 2021

Patients endure far less chronic pain after wearing headset that ‘reads’ their brainwaves, trial reveals

Writing in the major UK media outlet Daily Mail, Fiona McRae reports on the exciting potential to treat the eight million adults suffering from chronic pain in the UK, using Exsurgo’s Axon techn…


Chronic pain on the rise among young adults in England

Chronic pain is thought to affect one in five people around the world, but a new study covered in The Guardian says it now affects one in three young adults in England. The report found that the numbe…


July 19, 2021

The back-shed inventor who built a pain-fighting brain machine, The Spinoff

In the first article of our content series with The Spinoff, they take a deep dive into the history of Exsurgo – starting from Richard’s ambition and innovation to help people close to him…


July 15, 2021

Fort William Born Inventor Leading The Fight Against Chronic Pain

Our very own Richard Little, who was born in Fort Williams, Scotland, was recently highlighted in this article from The Highland Times talking about the progress Exsurgo has made so far with Axon and …


July 13, 2021

The Guardian’s Linda Geddes on the ‘reorganisation of the pain system’

In the excellent introductory feature to The Guardian’s week-long series on chronic pain and long Covid, Linda Geddes detailed the growing prevalence of chronic pain and the acceptance of nocipl…


July 6, 2021