The Axon system is harnessing the latest science and AI technology to make EEG Neurofeedback therapy faster, better and much cheaper.

Conventional EEG Neurofeedback treatments are complicated and costly for both the patient and the doctor – requiring regular attendance at a specialist clinic and equipment costing many thousands of dollars. Consequently, it has not been extensively used for the treatment of chronic pain and other ailments.  Instead, Axon allows the clinician to prescribe a series of EEG Neurofeedback treatment sessions that the patient can undertake at their convenience in the comfort of their own home.

This involves a patient wearing the Axon – a custom-designed EEG headset that passively reads the electrical activity associated with pain in their brain.

This data is transmitted wirelessly to an app on the patient’s mobile device and visually represented in the app via neurological exercises (in the form of simple animated games) undertaken by the patient. These exercises take 35 minutes and are repeated several times a week in the first eight weeks.

Through real-time visual feedback, the patient learns to neuromodulate how their brain interprets pain signals, thereby reducing their pain.

By using the Axon system on a regular basis (about 30 minutes per day) over the course of several weeks, the patient learns how to ‘retrain’ how their brain perceives and responds to pain. This process is called “neuromodulation”.

* Because Axon is a passive device there are almost no side effects however some patients might feel a little fatigued or have a mild headache after concentrating for the 30-minute session. No lasting or serious side effects have ever been reported from using Axon.

EEG neurofeedback

Electroencephalographic neurofeedback (EEG neurofeedback) is a non-invasive neuromodulation method that enables unconscious processes to become observable, allowing a person to consciously interact with their own brain activity in real-time. EEG neurofeedback can facilitate self-regulation of EEG activity in areas of the brain associated with a particular disease, such as chronic pain, applying the principles of operant conditioning in order to facilitate neuroplastic learning.

Buy Axon Online

Axon is only available for purchase in the UK at the moment, however, we will be releasing Axon in other countries shortly, follow us on the website or our social media for updates.

The Axon Headset is priced at £728.  A subscription is required to use the Axon system, starting at £35 per month when purchased annually.

A prescription isn’t required but we do like to inform your family doctor that you are using Axon.

Using Axon

  1. Axon is a pain management system that can be used in the comfort of your own home.
  2. The initial treatment phase is 8 to 12 weeks long and you will need to use Axon for 30 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week.
  3. Once the initial treatment is completed most people use Axon 2 or 3 times a week to maintain the benefits.

System Requirements

  1. You will need a smart phone or tablet with iOS/IPadOS 16 or later or Android 9 or later.

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