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Exsurgo’s Mindpower Newsletter – May 2022

Hi all, Last month, we had the immense pleasure of speaking with a few chronic pain sufferers who recently completed our AUT/WDHB trial. They shared their long-time struggle dealing with various forms…


June 2, 2022

Exsurgo’s Mindpower Newsletter – April 2022

Talking Axon in the Middle East  We’re in the business of alleviating human suffering for millions of people around the globe, so international conversations are critical to achieving this …


May 3, 2022

Exsurgo’s Mindpower Newsletter – March 2022

Hi all, Last week saw an incredible meeting of the minds across the domestic and international pain specialist community – with the 2022 New Zealand Pain Society Conference, where Exsurgo was p…


April 5, 2022

FAQs from the NZ Pain Society Conference

Is this technique effective for random ectopic pain management vs more consistent chronic pain states? Most of the pain-related studies for neurofeedback have been conducted with chronic pain patients…


March 31, 2022

Helping chronic pain sufferers with technology

Electropages, February 17, 2022 – u-blox has announced that Exsurgo’s Axon headset for chronic pain treatment runs on a u-blox ANNA-B112 Bluetooth 5 SIP, also utilised for wireless co…


February 17, 2022