The challenges for NZ’s booming healthtech sector

Our CEO and Co-founder Richard Little recently featured in the first of a three-part series by NBR’s Fiona Rotherham on the current challenges facing New Zealand’s healthtech sector. The key challenge facing the sector is the need for a national network of innovation hubs to help early-stage companies with funding, commercialisation, and research. This hub would help healthtech companies like Exsurgo secure the funding necessary to continue to scale. According to Exsurgo’s CEO Richard Little, the company is predicting sales of up to two million Axon units within three years. While the company has previously raised approximately $18 million from foreign investment, Little believes that New Zealand has a unique advantage. “We’ve got a great opportunity in front of New Zealand to do more of this kind of stuff. That’s part of the reason we’re here – it works really well for us, particularly in the early development stages.” Follow the link to read the full article (behind a paywall).

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