Patients endure far less chronic pain after wearing headset that ‘reads’ their brainwaves, trial reveals


Writing in the major UK media outlet Daily Mail, Fiona McRae reports on the exciting potential to treat the eight million adults suffering from chronic pain in the UK, using Exsurgo’s Axon technology. EEG neurofeedback is not widely available through the NHS, due to its high cost and the need for patients to visit a hospital several times a week, but Axon enables patients to manage their symptoms in the comfort of their own home and at a much lower cost.

And the results of a recent proof-of-concept trial in the UK were promising. As the story said:

In a trial, 16 people with chronic pain were given the headsets to use at home for eight weeks. All participants reported that their pain improved, with half achieving a ‘clinically significant’ reduction, defined as at least 30 per cent.  Sleep, mood, quality of life, and levels of anxiety and depression improved in around 90 per cent of participants, and many still felt the benefits three months later.

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