The Guardian’s Melissa Davey on why migraine pain is not just a bad headache

The Pain That Can't Be Seen

In another addition to The Guardian’s excellent series on chronic pain, Melissa Davey detailed the physical and mental distress caused by chronic migraines. 

As she explains:

“The pain begins on one side of the head but can end up on the other. They last longer. The pain is much worse. The vomiting is more prolonged.”

“Once the pain of a migraine leaves, I am exhausted for days, slur my words, feel nauseous still but no longer vomit, and become emotional. But I am so relieved the pain is gone I don’t care about these symptoms, which really, are debilitating on their own.” 

Davey argues that despite wide consensus that migraines negatively affect a person’s quality of life, the condition is still largely misunderstood and often mistreated.

One expert explained that because migraines are not life-threatening, the condition doesn’t get the same levels of resourcing and funding that other health conditions receive. 

There is growing consensus that people suffering from this disabling disorder need support to live a better quality of life. 

Exsurgo’s recent proof-of-concept trial in the UK showed that patients using the proprietary, non-pharmaceutical Axon system reported significant reductions in their levels of pain, anxiety and depression. At the same time, they reported improvements in sleep, mood and quality of life. Read more about the results here.

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