Fighting chronic pain by controlling brain waves

The Spinoff

Ever wondered how our Axon system helps people manage pain? The Spinoff’s Helen Glenny explains that when we see our own brainwaves, we are reminded that our pain doesn’t control us. 

Speaking on the power of visualisation, Richard Little says:

“For people who’ve had pain, or depression, they will plan their days around waiting and seeing what the pain’s going to be like – the pain controls them. This visualisation lets people see that they have control of their brain. When they’re playing the games, they’re getting a sense that they actually have that control back.”

Following a successful proof-of-concept trial in the UK, Exsurgo’s next step is to continue testing Axon on more people to showcase the technology’s boundless potential. This includes working with a homeless shelter in Nebraska in the United States, with families who have escaped domestic violence, and people suffering from concussion.

Exsurgo’s main goal is to democratise EEG neurofeedback technology and make it available to anyone whose brain could benefit from it.

“It would be low risk for the hospitals or clinics to try, low risk for a patient to take home for a few months. They don’t have to invest in an expensive piece of equipment that may end up sitting in a corner somewhere.”

Read the full article here to hear more from Richard Little and the Exsurgo team, as they continue to use neuroscience and Axon to help their patients live a normal life.

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