Emma Russell from the NZ Herald on NZ tech company launching clinical trial fighting pain with ‘brain training’


Emma Russell, Health Reporter for the New Zealand Herald spoke with Richard Little about the launch of the AUT/WDHB trial that is now underway with 116 chronic pain patients from Auckland, which can be viewed here.

They discussed the potential for Axon to be rolled out to hospitals and medical clinics worldwide by mid 2022, results from the earlier UK PoC trial, along with an outline of the process each patient will go through during the trial duration. 

Emma also spoke to Doctor Nick Birch, UK based spinal specialist who has worked in the field for 30 years, about learnings from the UK trial and promising results expected from the NZ trial.

Speaking on the trial, Richard Little says:

“We know many people struggle to get help Chronic pain could cause massive issues with stress, anxiety, sleep and often patients could slip into major depression because they couldn’t do the things they loved.”

“We had a lady with muscular spinal injury who started horse riding again, it had always been her passion and she hadn’t ridden in 20 years. Another woman who hadn’t been able to write because she has psoriatic arthritis which causes swelling in the fingers, was finally able to.”

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