Using neurofeedback technology for treating chronic pain with Richard Little – Pushing the Limits podcast with Lisa Tamati


Exsurgo co-founder and chief executive Richard Little recently featured on Lisa Tamati’s Pushing The Limits podcast, to discuss chronic pain and the effects it has on your mental and emotional health. 

Richard Little joined Lisa to talk about Exsurgo, and how their Axon product provides chronic pain relief. He also talks about how medical technology aids patients with various kinds of diseases, ranging from stroke to multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, he provides insights regarding the effects and nature of pain in the patients that experience it. Finally, he expresses hope for the future of chronic pain relief and the opioid crisis.

Lisa’s podcast is all about upgrading your life, your health, your fitness. Lisa interviews world leading experts across many genres from cutting edge scientists and leading doctors to biohackers, elite athletes and high performance experts to anti-ageing and longevity experts. It’s all about you being the best you can be in all areas. 

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